Jim Dziura (pronounced "jura") was born in Southern California to nomadic parents who instilled in him a sense of wanderlust that has continued to take him around the world. Jim was encouraged as an artist from an early age.

Prior to becoming a filmmaker, Jim earned his bread as a tattoo artist, and he spent time as the drummer for Ballpeen, a punk-rock band formed with high school friends. Along with his artistic endeavors, Jim enjoys picking locks and climbing rocks, and reads like he is still in school.

Wanting to throw his net as wide as possible, Jim chose to study sociology at Colorado College, as the field encompasses elements of philosophy, economics, history, politics et cetera. Similarly, Jim chose to pursue his lifelong love of filmmaking, as he felt the medium offered the best opportunity to explore a wide variety of worlds and subjects.

Jim has a unique approach to filmmaking that has been described as being "in-the-pocket.” He tends to favor gritty and hard subjects and his work often takes on an outlaw quality.

Jim directed, shot and edited the feature-length documentary film, WHISKEY ON A SUNDAY, about the rock band Flogging Molly. He toured and lived with the band through Europe and the United States over a 2-year period. The movie recently earned him a platinum disc from the RIAA.

Jim has continued to make films that are heavily-music related. He directed, shot and edited a short documentary film called THAT'S LIFE about skateboarding legend and punk rocker Duane Peters.

Jim shot a biography special for A&E and has also directed, shot and edited commercials and short films for clients such as Sprite, Boost Mobile, iPic Cinemas, ABC, Disney, Ford Motor Company, Lexus. CMT, VH1, Spike, Fuse, GQ, and Victoria's Secret.

In 2009, Jim directed the feature documentary film, NUMBER ONE WITH A BULLET, an examination of gun violence in hip hop, told through the stories of rappers who have been shot and survived. The movie starred Ice Cube and was produced by Quincy Jones III. It was the opening night film at the 2009 Hollywood Film Festival. It went on to screen at SXSW, Atlanta, St. Louis and other film festivals throughout the country.

Last year, Jim also directed a PSA for the “Summit for the Summit” campaign to raise awareness for the scarcity of clean drinking water. The PSA starred Jessica Biel.

Most recently, Jim directed a feature length documentary film for Red Bull that took him to Kingston, Cape Town, Auckland, Stockholm, and beyond. It premiered in Berlin in September, 2012.

His latest enterprise is Big House, a producer-director team that partners him with Mike Welch. They produce commercial, non-scripted, and narrative content for a wide variety of outlets. They can be found at... welcometothebighouse.com

In his rare spare time, Jim and a college friend hop freight trains with camera gear strapped to their backs for their personal project, STEEL DON'T BEND.